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Olympus Professional Transcription Typing Foot Pedal - RS-31H & RS-28H

Olympus Professional Transcription Typing Foot Pedal - RS-31H & RS-28H

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The Olympus RS-31H and RS-28H transcription typing foot pedals are high-end professional USB foot controls with either three or four pedals, designed to streamline dictation and transcription tasks with ease. Solidly built to last for years.

  • Olympus RS-31H - comes with four pedals (most popular)
  • Olympus RS-28H - comes with three pedals 


  • Versatile Control: With four pedals (RS-31H) or three pedals (RS-28H) Olympus RS H series pedals allow effortless control of ODMS or third-party applications via keyboard shortcuts or multimedia keys.
  • Customisable Commands: Use the Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool to assign personalised commands to the pedals, adapting to your unique workflow needs - when using non Olympus or OM System software, e.g. Express Scribe.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensuring comfort during prolonged use.
  • Durable Construction: Both models are built to withstand daily use, they boast a durable and long USB cable (RS-31H 2.5m; RS-28H 1.8m) and a nonslip mat for stability while transcribing.
  • Optional HID Keyboard Mode: Enhance compatibility with various operating systems and software applications with optional HID keyboard mode.
  • Full Compatibility: Fully compatible with Olympus dictation management software (Transcription Module only, not Dictation Module), enabling hands-free control of transcription tasks with precision.
  • Hands-Free Recording: Connect to a compatible Olympus or OM System docking station (CR-21 & CR-15) for hands-free dictation recording to the digital dictaphone, without PC connectivity. For use when dictation authors need to use their hands for other key tasks.
Compatible Software

Not sure what software versions work with which pedals or vice versa? Contact us for help.

The Olympus RS-31H and RS-28H pedals are compatible with the following software applications:

  • OM System ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM)
  • OM System ODMS Cloud Transcriptionist Licence
  • * Olympus ODMS R7 Transcription Module (TM)
  • ** Olympus ODMS R6 Transcription Module (TM) 
  • ** DSS Player Pro R5 Transcription Module (TM)

See also OM System Transcription Kits which include a pedal, headset and software licence for either ODMS Cloud (AS-9100 - Windows and Mac compatible) or ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM) (AS-2700 - Windows only)

  • R8 is the latest supported version of the ODMS software
  • R7 will be discontinued in April 2025 *
  • R6 & R5 have been long discontinued and the software is no longer supported **
Software Downloads

For information on how to use the ODMS Cloud Desktop app refer to our blog post.



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