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Are you a procurement buyer or office/practice manager for a government health department, private hospital, educational organisation, or corporate national or state law firm? Dictate Australia offers an extensive range of digital dictation voice products, solutions and services tailored to meet your organisational needs.


Why Choose Dictate Australia?

  • 20+ years Australian Business: In business for over twenty years providing dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions Australia wide for small, medium and corporate businesses.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: From dictaphones and voice recorders to advanced cloud (hosted in Australia) dictation software and transcription workflow solutions, we provide top-tier products from leading brands like OM SYSTEM Olympus, Philips Dictation, and Nuance Communications with Dragon.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Enjoy significant savings with our discounts on bulk purchases of physical products and software licenses. Equip your entire department or organisation with the latest in voice technology with unparalleled support.
  • Purchase Orders Accepted: Simplify your procurement process. We accept purchase orders, making it easier for government and large organisations to acquire the necessary tools without the hassle.
  • Seamless Integration: Our products and services integrate effortlessly with your existing systems. Whether it's single sign-on (SSO) for business users or compatibility with your current IT infrastructure, we ensure a smooth and secure integration.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that every organisation has unique needs. Our team works closely with you to provide tailored solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency across your operations

Philips Speechlive Enterprise Australia

  • Add optional Dragon Professional Anywhere or Dragon Legal Anywhere
  • Add optional Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text, realtime voice recognition on mobile app, Windows or Mac desktop, meeting transcription for up-to ten speakers with speaker diarization
  • Single Sign On via Microsoft Azure Active Directory - Entra - for user access, onboarding and offboarding
  • API access for inter solution integrations and real-time reporting
  • Data sovereignty, hosted in Australia
  • Ticks all the security boxes - Speechlive & Speechlive Enterprise Security
  • Detailed user activity and metrics reporting
  • Time based dictation and transcription workflows
  • 3 month (PCL1253) and 1 year (PCL1251) subscription available
    Philips Speechlive Enterprise Australia Entra SSO HIPPA Dictation Transcription Solution

    Optimised for Your Needs

    • Government Health Departments: Enhance patient care with secure and efficient voice recording and transcription solutions.
    • Private Hospital Providers: Improve clinical documentation accuracy and turnaround times with state-of-the-art dictation and transcription technology.
    • Educational Corporations: Streamline administrative tasks and lecture transcription with reliable voice recording tools.
    • Law Firms: Increase the efficiency of legal documentation processes and ensure compliance with secure and accurate dictation, transcription and speech-to-text software.

    Nuance Dragon Volume Licence Agreements (VLA)

    • Dragon Professional v16 Educational Pricing (including upgrades to v16)
    • Dragon Professional v16 Government Pricing (licence + maintenance and support)
    • Dragon Anywhere Academic, Government and General volume licence subscriptions 

    OM System (Olympus) Cloud Hosted Dictation & Transcription Workflow

    • Hosted in Australia
    • Central Admin User Interface
    • Secure and Encrypted .ds2 Audio Files
    • Dictation on physical dictaphone and mobile app
    • Transcription on Windows or macOS

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