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Dragon LEGAL Anywhere add-on for Philips Speechlive - One Year

Dragon LEGAL Anywhere add-on for Philips Speechlive - One Year

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Philips Dragon Legal Anywhere 

One Year Subscription Add-On for SpeechLive (PCL6250)

Elevate Your Legal Practice with Precision Dictation!
Introducing Philips Dragon Legal Anywhere, the one-year subscription add-on specifically designed for legal professionals using the Philips SpeechLive platform. Tailored to meet the unique demands of the legal field, this powerful dictation tool allows you to create detailed legal documents with unmatched accuracy and speed, directly from your iOS or Android devices.

Seamless SpeechLive Integration
Dragon Legal Anywhere integrates flawlessly with your existing SpeechLive account, providing a seamless transition from voice to text. Dictate briefs, contracts, and case notes hands-free, and experience real-time, highly accurate transcription that understands legal terminology.

Optimised for Legal Professionals
Developed with a specialised legal vocabulary, Dragon Legal Anywhere ensures that even the most complex legal terms and phrases are captured accurately. Streamline your workflow, reduce the need for corrections, and spend more time focusing on your clients.

Customisable to Your Practice
Enhance your dictation experience by adding custom words, legal citations, or personal shorthand to Dragon Legal Anywhere’s vocabulary. Tailor voice commands to insert standard clauses and frequently used passages, increasing your efficiency.

Secure and Confidential
Maintain client confidentiality with top-tier security measures. SpeechLive coupled with Dragon Legal Anywhere ensures that all dictated content is encrypted, keeping sensitive information protected.

Work Across Devices
Start dictating on your smartphone and seamlessly continue on your tablet or laptop. With cloud-based synchronization, your documents follow you across devices, ensuring you can work effectively from anywhere.

Subscribe for Unparalleled Efficiency
Transform your legal documentation process with Philips Dragon Legal Anywhere. This one-year subscription is your key to faster, more accurate legal dictation. Subscribe today and redefine productivity in your legal practice.

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