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OM System AS-2700 Transcription Kit with ODMS R8 for Windows

OM System AS-2700 Transcription Kit with ODMS R8 for Windows

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OM System AS-2700 Transcription Kit

Windows only.

Product Description

The OM System AS-2700 Transcription Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the transcription process for professionals in various fields. This kit includes all the essential tools needed for efficient and accurate transcription, making it an ideal choice for medical, legal, and outsourced transcriptionists.

Transcription Kit Includes

  • ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM) On-Premise Software (AS-R802): This powerful transcription software offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features to manage and transcribe audio files effectively.
  • 3-Pedal Transcription Typing Footswitch (RS-28N): Provides hands-free control of audio playback functions, allowing transcriptionists to control audio without using their hands, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. Hot-keys are also supported.
  • Professional Typing Headphones (E103): These lightweight, high-quality headphones ensure clear audio playback, essential for accurate transcription.


  • Comprehensive Playback Control: The software includes features such as speed control, noise cancellation, and volume adjustment to ensure precise transcription.
  • Priority and Comments: Authors can set priority levels and add comments to files, providing essential context for transcriptionists and ensuring urgent tasks are handled promptly.
  • Status Updates: Track the status of transcription files (unfinished, pending, finished) to streamline workflow and improve coordination.
  • Folder & Filter Management: Organise dictations into specific folders and filter them for easy access and management.
  • Document Association: Link audio recordings with written transcripts for comprehensive documentation.
  • Automatic Routing: Customisable rules for transferring dictations between authors and transcriptionists to shared storage or via email, saving time and reducing errors.

Use Cases

  • Medical Professionals: Ideal for transcribing patient notes and consultations, ensuring accurate medical documentation.
  • Legal Practitioners: Perfect for transcribing court proceedings, legal meetings, and client consultations.
  • Business Executives: Suitable for transcribing meetings, interviews, and presentations, providing detailed business records.

Technical Specifications

  • Software: ODMS R8 On-Premise Transcription Module
  • Foot Pedal: RS-27N, 3-pedal
  • Headphones: E-103, 3.5mm plug
  • Audio Formats Supported: DSS, WAV, MP3
  • Operating System Compatibility: Windows 10 & 11 only
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