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OM E-103 Transcription Typing Headset

OM E-103 Transcription Typing Headset

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The OM System (Olympus) E-103 Transcription Typing Headset is the ultimate choice for professional transcriptionists seeking unparalleled comfort and audio precision.


  • Stereo Transcription Headset: Experience superior stereo sound reproduction specifically optimised for transcription tasks, ensuring clear and accurate audio playback.
  • Soft In-Ear Speaker Design: Enjoy maximum comfort with soft in-ear speakers that provide a snug fit and minimise external noise interference, allowing for focused transcription sessions.
  • Frequency Response Optimisation: The frequency response of the E-103 is finely tuned to the human voice frequency range, delivering crisp and clear audio reproduction for enhanced transcription accuracy.
  • Designed for Professional Transcription: Engineered with the needs of professional transcriptionists in mind, the Olympus E-103 combines comfort, durability, and exceptional audio quality to optimise workflow efficiency.
  • Convenient Under-Chin Wearing Style: The under-chin wearing style allows for easy on and off, providing convenience and flexibility during transcription sessions.
  • Long Cable: With a generous 3-meter-long cable, the Olympus E103 offers ample freedom of movement, allowing you to position yourself comfortably without feeling restricted.
  • L-Shaped Stereo Plug: The 3.5mm L-shaped stereo plug ensures secure and reliable connectivity with your transcription device, minimising the risk of accidental disconnection.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 25g, the E-103 is lightweight and comfortable for extended usage, making it the perfect companion for long transcription sessions.
  • Replacement Ear Foams Available: Extend the lifespan of your headset with replacement ear foams, ensuring continued comfort and performance over time. Three pairs of foam tips are included in the box.
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