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ODMS Cloud Licence - Author or Typist - 12 Months - OM System Australia

ODMS Cloud Licence - Author or Typist - 12 Months - OM System Australia

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OM System ODMS Cloud Licence - 1 Year

The ODMS Cloud Licence for Author & Typist allows users to efficiently manage the workflow of digital dictation audio from authors to transcription typists.

This cloud-based system, hosted in Australia, ODMS short for OM System Dictation Management Systems, simplifies the process for dictation authors by automatically sending audio to designated typists or transcription teams. Similarly, typists can easily connect to ODMS Cloud and receive their allocated dictation audio for transcription, with the workflow providing status updates to the author through ODMS Cloud.

For dictation authors:

The licence is required for the Olympus ODMS Cloud dictation app for iOS and Android. Also compatible with the following digital dictation dictaphones:

  • OM System - DS-9100
  • OM System - DS-2700
  • Olympus - DS-9500, DS-9000, DS-2600

For transcription typists:

The free ODMS Cloud Desktop app for Microsoft Windows or macOS is required to be used with a typist licence. A transcription typing foot pedal is also required, hot keys are not available. Compatible pedal models are:

  • OM System - RS-31N
  • OM System - RS-28N
  • Olympus - RS-31H
  • Olympus RS-28H

Licences will be assigned by us your dealer, the order number created when purchased is used in the ODMS Cloud portal when ordering licences. We can help with this.




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