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Dragon Professional Anywhere add-on for Philips Speechlive - One Year

Dragon Professional Anywhere add-on for Philips Speechlive - One Year

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Unleash Your Productivity with Philips Dragon Anywhere

One Year Subscription Add-On for Philips SpeechLive (PCL6150)

Maximise Efficiency Wherever You Go!
Transform your voice into text with unparalleled accuracy with the Philips Dragon Anywhere one-year subscription, designed exclusively as an add-on for your Philips SpeechLive account. Whether you’re in the office, on a field trip, or working from home, this mobile dictation solution enables professionals to create documents of any length and detail, directly on their iOS or Android devices.

Seamless Integration with SpeechLive
Dragon Anywhere integrates flawlessly with your SpeechLive setup, allowing you to extend your productivity beyond the desktop. Dictate reports, memos, and emails hands-free, and watch as your spoken words are instantly and accurately converted into high-quality text.

Tailored to Professionals
Crafted for speed and accuracy, Dragon Anywhere is perfect for professionals across all fields. From lawyers drafting contracts on the go, to researchers capturing lengthy field notes, this tool ensures your thoughts are captured swiftly and styled precisely as you intend.

Advanced Customisation
Personalise your dictation experience with custom word lists and voice commands. Add industry-specific terminology to enhance recognition accuracy. Use simple voice commands to insert frequently used text and graphics, or automate routine data entry tasks.

Sync Across Devices
Start your note on your smartphone and finish it on your tablet or computer. Dragon Anywhere’s powerful cloud-based architecture means you can move seamlessly across devices without losing a beat.

Secure and Confidential
Philips values your security. SpeechLive and Dragon Anywhere protect your data with robust encryption protocols, ensuring that your documents remain confidential and are accessible only to you.

Effortless Document Creation
Spend less time typing and more time doing. With Dragon Anywhere, document creation is as easy as speaking. No more small keyboard typos or frustrating autocorrect errors—just your voice and your thoughts, captured accurately and efficiently.

Subscribe Now and Transform Your Workflow
Embrace the power of your voice with Philips Dragon Anywhere and take your productivity to new heights. This one-year subscription is the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their dictation capabilities and streamline their document creation process.

Don’t just keep up with work, stay ahead of it with Philips Dragon Anywhere. Contact us today to add the power of Dragon to your Speechlive licence.

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