Philips Speechlive Free 14 Day Trial FAQs

Cloud Dictation + Transcription + Speech-to-Text

What is Philips Speechlive?

What's Included in the Speechlive Free Trial?

  • Free setup by us for you
  • Add up to 10 users
  • Record via smartphone app, web browser 
  • Upload from voice recorders or any compatible dictaphone (Philips or Olympus)
  • Smart audio playback for typists via a browser with USB foot control support or use hot-keys
  • Job assignment to individuals & teams
  • 200 SpeechLive speech recognition minutes per user (while in trial, longer fair use policy applies when a full licence)
  • Dictate into any Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac program using the free Speechlive desktop app
  • Support by us, Australian based Philips Speechlive partner



Can I email audio from the Philips Speechlive app?

Yes that option can be enabled but we don't recommend it. Why? Well when you dictate on your smartphone the audio is stored locally using formats supported by both iOS and Android phones which is .wav format.

Sending via email will use the email client on your phone to attach the audio to an email for you to send. .wav files are known for being large in size, plus they are not enrytped. Most email providers limit the size of attachments to 10mb which can be easily exceeded with a .wav file.

How does Speechlive Speech-to-Text Work?

Speech-to-Text (STT) is an optional add-on module that usually is assigned to an author. When dictation has been created on the Speechlive smartphone app, using your handheld dictaphone or recorded directly to your PC or Mac once uploaded Speechlive will convert the audio to text in seconds. The text and dictation audio are both supplied to your typist.

Typists then need only proofread and format the supplied text while listening to the audio. In our tests this has shown to improve turnaround time and the time taken to transcribe audio by 66%.

Additionally you are able to download and install the free Philips Speechlive desktop app for macOS and Windows which will allow you to use STT on your computer. Simply speak and watch you text be created anywhere you would type: Word document, email, web form, patient management system etc.

How can my typists transcribe the audio?

Typists with a Speechlive licence are able to transcribe audio assigned to them in a web browser (Chrome or Edge in Windows) or Chrome on Mac. Audio playback can be controlled via a Philips transcription typing pedal (ACC2330) or using hot keys. This allows transcriptionists to work from anywhere on an internet connected computer.

I prefer to transcribe locally with software on my PC can I do that?

Although you don't need to as transcription via the browser works just as well as a local app but without the need to install anything, there is the option to include a Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcibe licence with your Speechlive licence. This lets you install locally (on any number of computers) the Philips transcription software. SpeechExec Pro Transcribe also works with the Philips ACC2330 pedal or using hot keys to control audio playback.

What are the costs if I want to proceed after the trial?

The important bit.

Item  Required or Optional Comment Price

Speechlive licence

Author or Typist

Required Each user requires a Speechlive licence whether they dictate or transcribe.

One Year Licence:

$239 incl. GST


Two Year Licence:

$439 incl. GST


Speech-to-Text Optional

Allows audio to be converted to text for both typists and on authors desktop.

Part PCL6050/00

$279 incl. GST each per year.
Transcription Typing Pedal Optional

Used to control audio playback for typists.

Part ACC2330

$189 incl. GST. one time cost.
SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v12 Optional

Locally installed transcription software for typists. Note licences for SpeechExec are cheaper when you have a Speechlive licence compared to the price of a licence on its own.

One Year Licence:

$110 incl. GST


Two Year Licence:

$199 incl. GST


SpeechExec Pro Dictate v12 Optional

Locally installed dictation software for authors. Allows dictation via your PC. Note licences for SpeechExec are cheaper when you have a Speechlive licence compared to the price of a licence on its own.

One Year Licence:

$110 incl. GST


Two Year Licence:

$199 incl. GST



How do we pay?

After we have worked together during the trial period we will work out the best solution for you and your company. We will then invoice you for the licences - setup and support is free. 

What else can Philips Speechlive do?

And one more thing ... If your transcription team is overwhelmed with too much work or your dedicated typist is away sick or on leave then Philips have a solution for that, it too is built into the Speechlive system. Outsourced transcription.

Philips have their own transcription typists that you can call on anytime whether you have transcription typists or not. Simply route your audio to the transcription team and they will transcribe your audio for you. Pricing varies on number of speakers, length of audio and required turnaround time. Information on the Philips transcription service is here and prices are shown in Australian dollars.