OM System (Olympus) ODMS R8 Dictation & Transcription Software Explained

OM System (Olympus) ODMS R8 Dictation & Transcription Software Explained

ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) & Transcription Module (TM) Released Globally April 2024


  • OM System is the new name for Olympus
  • ODMS = OM System Dictation Management System
  • ODMS R8 replaces ODMS R7
  • ODMS R8 is for Windows only
  • ODMS R8 will not work with ODMS Cloud
  • Upgrade licences available from ODMS R7 only
  • Looks and feels the same as ODMS R7
  • ODMS R7 will be end-of-life April 2025

OM System ODMS R8 software is a suite designed for managing digital dictation and transcription workflows on-premise, shared via email or shared drives. It serves as an upgrade from the previous version, ODMS R7, by introducing enhanced security features, compatibility improvements and more efficient management tools for digital dictation files. Here, we will provide an overview of the general features and functions of the ODMS R8 Windows only software and detail the differences between the specific part numbers: AS-R801, AS-R802, AS-R803, and AS-R804.

OM System Olympus ODMS R8 Software Licence Keys Explained

General Features and Functions of ODMS R8

1. Dictation Workflow Management: ODMS R8 streamlines the process of creating, editing, sending, and receiving dictation files. It's designed to fit seamlessly into the workflow of professionals like lawyers, doctors, and business executives who rely on voice dictation from a physical handheld dictaphone or using a mic connected to a PC to dictate. It will not work with the new ODMS Cloud solution from OM System for use with their smartphone dictation app.

2. Security: The software includes robust security features such as 256-bit AES encryption and support for secure FTP transmission as well as the ability to link folders with shared drives. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, particularly important in compliance-heavy industries like healthcare and legal.

3. Integration: ODMS R8 integrates well with various systems, supporting both standalone and network-based installations. It can be configured to work with existing IT environments, enhancing flexibility and scalability.

4. Transcription Features: For transcriptionists, the software provides tools to manage and transcribe dictations efficiently, including foot pedal support, playback speed control, and automatic text templates.

5. Speech Recognition: ODMS R8, like previous versions, supports integration with speech-to-text functionality (sold separately), allowing users to automate transcription processes and reduce the workload on human transcriptionists.

ODMS R8 Part Numbers Explained

AS-R801: This is a full Dictation Module (DM) software licence key. It is supplied with the new OM System DS-2700 digital dictaphone and compatible with the OM System DS-9100, Olympus DS-9500 and DS-9000 model dictaphones only. It is used for the creation and management of dictation files and is suitable for professionals who need to record, edit, and manage their dictations. It is also used to configure the digital dictaphone. 

AS-R802: This is a full Transcription Module (TM) software licence key. It is tailored for transcriptionists who need to transcribe digital dictation files. This module includes support for OM System RS-31N & RS-28N foot pedals as well as Olympus RS-31H & RS-28H typing foot controls, hot-keys are also supported.

AS-R803: This is an upgrade Dictation Module (DM) software licence key. This key can only be used on a device where ODMS R7 Dictation Module (DM) is installed with a valid licence key. Only installations that have a licence key starting with the characters RD7 can use this licence key.

AS-R804: This is an upgrade Transcription Module (TM) software licence key. This key can only be used on a device where ODMS R7 Transcription Module (TM) is installed with a valid licence key. Only installations that have a licence key starting with the characters RT7 can use this licence key.

OM System (Olympus) ODMS licences have always been complex to understand. Which user needs which module, which version can you upgrade from and which version do you need a full licence, what dictaphones are compatible, etc.

If you are not sure please contact us and we can help you navigate the OM System ODMS R8 licencing.

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