Dragon Anywhere Professional Legal with Philips Speechlive Australia

The Accuracy of Dragon Speech Recognition with the agility of Philips Speechlive

Boost Your Productivity with Dragon Speech Recognition on SpeechLive


  • Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) available with Philips Speechlive
  • Dragon Legal Anywhere (DLA) available with Philips Speechlive
  • DPA 12 month subscription Philips PCL6150 - for each Speechlive Author
  • DLA 12 month subscription Philips PCL6250 - for each Speechlive Author
  • Mix and match - some authors can use Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text, others can use Dragon under the same Speechlive account
  • Send audio from the Speechlive app to be transcribed by your Dragon profile
  • Dictate into Speechlive (Windows or Mac) and send audio to be transcribed by your Dragon profile
  • Install Dragon Speech on Demand on your Windows PC for real time speech recognition and voice profile training

In the digital age, where time is of the essence, Dragon Speech Recognition provides an efficient solution to streamline your communication and administrative tasks. Now available through Philips SpeechLive, this advanced tool harnesses the power of voice recognition technology to enhance productivity and accuracy in your daily operations.

What is Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Speech Recognition?

Dragon Speech Recognition, developed by industry leaders Nuance (a Microsoft company), is a state-of-the-art voice recognition software solution that turns your spoken words into text. It employs sophisticated AI algorithms to deliver real-time transcription that's not only fast but extremely accurate.

Dragon Features That Empower Users

  1. Unmatched Accuracy: With up to 99% accuracy, Dragon minimises the need for corrections, ensuring your dictations are captured precisely the first time.
  2. Voice-Controlled Navigation: Control your digital environment with your voice. Execute commands, control applications, and browse the web hands-free (Windows only)
  3. Customisable Vocabulary: Dragon adapts to your specific vocabulary needs, recognising custom terms and jargon with ease, which is especially beneficial for professionals in specialised fields.
  4. Audio File Transcription: Convert single speaker dictation audio recordings into text with Dragon’s powerful transcription features, ideal for speeding up transcription turnaround time.
  5. Enhanced Accessibility: Offering a hands-free mode of operation, Dragon is an invaluable tool for individuals with physical limitations or those who prefer voice interaction over typing.

Enhancing Your Workflow with Dragon

Incorporating Dragon Speech Recognition into your daily routine can transform your workflow by:

  • Increasing Efficiency: Dictate at speeds three times faster than typing. This rapid performance allows you to complete documentation tasks swiftly and effectively.
  • Facilitating Multitasking: Manage documents, send emails, and even research online, all through voice commands. Dragon's versatility enables a smoother multitasking experience.
  • Improving Concentration: Focus more on the content of your documents and less on the process of typing. This shift can lead to higher quality outputs and more innovative ideas.

Get Started with Dragon Professional or Legal on Philips SpeechLive

Getting started with Dragon on SpeechLive is straightforward and we make it easy:

  1. Dictate Australia will setup your Speechlive account, issue and configure your licences for you.
  2. Installation: Easily install the Dragon software with guided steps, ensuring you're quickly up and running.
  3. Personalisation: Customise the software to accurately recognise your voice and terminology, enhancing its efficiency. Voice training takes two minutes and then you are ready.
  4. Begin Dictating: Start your journey with Dragon and discover the benefits of voice dictation as you go about your daily tasks.

Dragon Speech on Demand is installed on Windows computers, allows hand free dictation and control of a Windows computer. This is where your voice profile is created and stored/accessed in the cloud.

Philips Speechlive can be used to record dictation to be sent to Dragon for automated transcription using your Dragon profile. This can be done via the iOS or Android app or if you have a Mac you can login to Speechlive and dictate directly to your Mac before sending the audio to Dragon to be transcribed.

Looking for Dragon on Mac? Although this popular product was discontinued by Nuance quite a few years ago, Philips Speechlive helps to bridge this gap. With the Philips Speech-to-Text option real-time voice recognition is possible on a Mac, both Intel and Apple Silicon. This video will show you how. You can of course dictate into the Philips Speechlive portal on a Mac and send that audio to Dragon to be transcribed as shown in our video above.

Dragon Speech Recognition (Dragon Professional Anywhere DPA and Dragon Legal Anywhere DLA) through Philips SpeechLive is more than a dictation tool—it’s an integral productivity asset. By enabling fast, accurate, and efficient transcription, Dragon revolutionises how tasks are performed in a variety of professional settings. Embrace the future of workplace efficiency by using Philips Speechlive with Dictate Australia as your trusted partner exploring the capabilities of Dragon Speech Recognition. Contact us for more information or if you need any advice.

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