Olympus DS-9000 & DS-9500 Dictaphones Discontinued - What Models Replace Them?

Olympus DS-9000 & DS-9500 Dictaphones Discontinued - What Models Replace Them?

The popular Olympus professional digital dictaphone models DS-9500 & DS-9000 have been discontinued.

First released in August 2018 they had a good run. The DS-9500 was revolutionary at the time, the first dictaphone with built in wifi connectivity which proved more of an achilles heal than a much loved feature.


  • DS-9100 comes with an ODMS Cloud licence
  • DS-9100 needs an extra ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) licence if you want to share audio via email, shared drive or OneDrive
  • DS-9100 comes with or without a dock for fast charge and easy USB computer connect - Olympus DS-9000/DS-9500 dock can be used with a DS-9100 hence the no dock option
  • DS-2700 comes with an ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) licence
  • DS-2700 needs an extra ODMS Cloud licence if you want to use the ODMS Cloud
  • DS-2700 doesn't come with a dock - you can buy one if you need one
  • DS-2700 can re-use an Olympus DS-9000 or DS-9500 dock

Dictation authors loved the models with their large clear colour display and faithful smooth slider switch emulating audio rewind and review. With the transition from the Olympus brand name to OM System it was time for OM to stamp their mark and release new replacement models. But, there are some big differences with the new models, not in terms of dictaphone usability but the software options that drive the devices.

OM System new dictaphones DS-9100 vs DS-2700

What new models can replace the Olympus DS-9500 or DS-9000?

OM System have released two new dictaphones, their model numbers are:

The biggest changes are with the included licences, you will note one with ODMS Cloud and one with ODMS R8, more on that later.

Key differences between the DS-9100 vs DS-2700

Essentially the two devices are very similar in size and usability. Both have a slider switch and large colour display. The 2000 series models have traditionally been positioned as a "standard" type of model and the 9000 series the "professional" range, in the past because of the software that came with them. Both are now modelled as professional range.

Dock or No Dock

OM System DS-9100 is a kit which comes either with or without a docking station for fast charge and easy Windows PC or Mac connection. 

DS-2700 does not include a docking station. You can re-use the dock from your DS-9000 or DS-9500 if you have one as the DS-2700 is compatible. If not you can buy a dock and power supply for the DS-2700. Dock is part number OM System CR-21 and the power supply is an OM System F-5AC. The DS-2700 includes the USB cable required to connect the device to your computer or to the dock. A dock is not required but is a huge time saver.

ODMS Cloud licence or ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) licence

This is where there will likely be some confusion.

OM System DS-9100 is sold only with an ODMS Cloud licence. What does this mean? It means that the dictaphone can be used to send audio to the OM System ODMS Cloud, their new cloud based dictation workflow solution. Unlike the previous models that was sold with software that could be installed on a Windows PC (called ODMS R7 Dictation Module) or on a Mac (called DSS Player Plus) and allowed for audio to be downloaded locally and shared with typists via email, shared drive (local or cloud) or via OneDrive.

ODMS Cloud requires your typist to have a licence so buying a DS-9100 will have an impact on your typist, they can not use the locally installed software they have likely used for years. Unless ... there is always a but ... you could buy an OM System ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) licence for your DS-9100, then you could send audio via email, shared drive or OneDrive. But you need an extra licence.

If you are upgrading from an Olympus DS-9500 or DS-9000 I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that you have an ODMS R7 licence that came with your dictaphone, surely you can use that with the new models. The answer to that is no. OM System dictaphones will not work with older Olympus ODMS R7 software. But older Olympus DS-9000 and DS-9500 is compatible with OM System ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM). You can see where I was going when I said there will likely be some confusion.

OM System DS-2700 is sold only with an ODMS R8 Dictation Module (DM) licence. What does this mean? Well just like the previous Olympus pro models, ODMS Dictation Module (DM) for Windows was the software that both configured the dictaphone and also automated download and send of audio. The DS-2700 can also be used with ODMS Cloud, but of course you need a licence for that not included with this model.

So to cut to the chase ..

If you are looking for a pro dictaphone to send audio to your typist via email, FTP, shared drive then which one should you buy? Or if you are used to an Olympus DS-7000/DS-9000/DS-9500 and want the same setup in a new model what should you buy?

It really all comes down to the dock. If you liike the ease of use a dock brings by keeping your dictaphone always charged and automating the USB connect to your computer then it is a case of which model dictaphone you prefer, DS-9100 or DS-2100. The key difference between the two is the microphone, if you are only doing single speaker dictation the DS-2700 is all you need. If you plan on recoding single speaker dictation and also meetings or interviews then the wider intelligent mic on the DS-9100 is for you.

All the above is alot of information. That is why we are here to help. If you are not sure what you need or what you have please get in contact with us so we can guide you on the best option for you.


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