Philips Speechlive Cloud Dictation Transcription & Speech-to-Text Solution

Philips Speechlive Cloud Dictation Transcription & Speech-to-Text Solution

All you need to know about Philips Speechlive Australia

All you want to know about Philips Speechlive Australia


  • Hosted in Australia, no audio leaves the country
  • ISO-27001 certified, ticks all the boxes for confidential client and patient information - used by hospitals, legal firms and government agencies in Australia
  • Authors can use a free smartphone app or Philips, Olympus and any other brand dictaphone or voice recorder, even discontinued models, to record dictation and send to the Philips Speechlive cloud to be transcribed
  • Typists can work from anywhere using any internet connected Windows PC or Mac, no software to install, with or without a transcription typing pedal, supporting hybrid work
  • Easy administration of all Philips Speechlive licences by office or practice managers including creation or modification of author to typist workflows, useful when typists are away. Typing teams can also be created.
  • Transcription status is always known by authors and typists
  • Speech-to-Text and outsource transcription options
  • Free help and support from the team at Dictate Australia 

Office / Practice Managers

Manage all your Philips Speechlive licences in one easy to use and navigate web portal. Allocate licences to authors or typists, create workflow links between authors and typists to ensure that audio processing is always optimal.

Typist off sick for a day or on leave? Just re-route their work to another typist or team located anywhere. Easily manage teams of authors and typists in multiple offices. A true work from anywhere at anytime solution.

Efficiency in Document Handling

  1. Speeds Up Workflow: Automates the transcription process, turning spoken content into text quickly, thus speeding up document creation and reducing turnaround times.
  2. Task Delegation: Allows office managers to easily assign dictation files to specific team members or transcription services directly within the platform, ensuring efficient workflow management.

Enhances Team Collaboration

  1. Remote Accessibility: Being cloud-based, it allows staff to access and work on dictations from anywhere, which is especially beneficial for remote or hybrid work setups.
  2. Workflow Transparency: Provides clear visibility of the status of dictations and transcriptions, helping manage team workloads and track progress effectively.

Cost Management

  1. Reduces Operational Costs: Minimises the need for physical transcription equipment and can reduce reliance on external transcription services, leading to significant cost savings.

Security and Compliance

  1. Data Security: Ensures that all data transmitted and stored is encrypted, providing security for sensitive information, which is crucial in compliance-heavy industries like healthcare and legal.
  2. Compliance Support: Helps comply with data protection regulations by safeguarding the handling and storage of information.

Flexibility and Scalability

  1. Adaptable to Business Needs: Offers various subscription plans, which can be scaled up or down based on the office's requirements, making it a flexible tool for businesses of any size.
  2. Supports Many Audio and Text File Formats: Compatible with various audio and text file formats, facilitating seamless integration into existing office systems.

For User Who Dictate


  1. Enhanced Productivity: Allows for quick and efficient capturing of thoughts and communication, which can be immediately sent off for transcription or further processing.
  2. Flexibility: Enables dictation anywhere and anytime, effectively accommodating busy schedules and mobile work environments.
  3. Time-Saving: The automatic transcription feature speeds up the documentation process, reducing the turnaround time from speech to a written document.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Reduces the need for traditional dictation equipment and minimises dependency on extensive administrative support.
  5. Improved Documentation Accuracy: The combination of high-quality recording technology and advanced speech recognition enhances the accuracy of the transcribed documents.
  6. Ease of Use: Simple and intuitive interface ensures that users can start dictating quickly without a steep learning curve.

For Transcription Typists


  1. Increased Productivity: Automates parts of the transcription process and streamlines the workflow, enabling typists to handle more work in less time.
  2. Flexibility and Accessibility: The cloud-based nature of the service means transcriptionists can work from anywhere, at any time, adapting to various work environments and schedules.
  3. Enhanced Accuracy: The speech recognition technology can enhance accuracy and reduce the time spent on corrections.
  4. Scalability: Easy to scale as business needs grow, from a single user to an enterprise-level solution without the need for significant upfront investment.
  5. Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for physical infrastructure (like dedicated servers) and maintenance costs, with flexible plans that can fit different budgets.
  6. Collaborative Work: Allows multiple users to collaborate on documents seamlessly, which is particularly useful for teams.


Philips Speechlive Speech-to-Text benefits your dictation authors, transcription typists and your business. Faster turnaround times, reduced transcription manual effort, speech-to-text on your desktop.

  • Dictate into any program on your desktop, Windows or Mac with the Philips Speechlive Desktop app
  • Voice recognition from spoken audio, from one to ten speakers - automatically transcribe single speaker dictation and meetings or interviews

More information on the features of Speech-to-Text on the Philips webpage


  1. Increased Productivity: Reduces the time and effort traditionally required for manual transcription, allowing users to focus on more strategic tasks.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Eliminates the need for extensive transcription resources, thereby saving on operational costs.
  3. Enhanced Document Turnaround: Speeds up the creation of written records from verbal communications, improving workflow and response times.
  4. Accessibility: Supports professionals with disabilities or those who prefer audio communication, making written content more accessible.
  5. Accuracy and Consistency: Offers high-quality transcription that helps maintain the integrity of the original spoken message.
  6. Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of professional environments, including legal, medical, and business fields.

Want to know more or try it for free in your business?

Head over to our Philips Speechlive FAQ page which details what you get in your 14 day free trial and pricing of Speechlive and optional add-ons post the trial. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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