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OM System

Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorder for Meetings, Interviews & Lectures

Olympus WS Series Digital Voice Recorder for Meetings, Interviews & Lectures

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Olympus WS-883 & WS-882 Digital Voice Recorders

Olympus WS-883 vs WS-882

  • Memory: OM System WS-883 includes 8GB of internal memory, WS-882 includes 4GB.
  • Advanced Features: OM System WS-883 includes a Low-Cut Filter and Intelligent Auto Mode.

Perfect audio pickup for voice recording of:

  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Press conferences
  • Family history recording
  • Personal voice notes

Olympus WS-883 Digital Voice Recorder

Maximise your recording quality and efficiency with the Olympus WS-883 Digital Voice Recorder. With an expansive 8GB internal memory, it is perfectly designed for professionals who need reliable, high-quality recordings.

Enhanced with features like Low-Cut Filter and Intelligent Auto Mode, the WS-883 ensures superior sound clarity in diverse environments, from bustling streets to quiet meeting rooms. Ideal for journalists, researchers, and students, this model supports linear PCM and MP3 formats, has built-in stereo microphones, and offers USB connectivity for seamless file transfers.

We recommend the WS-883 over the WS-882 due to the additional features.

Olympus WS-882 Digital Voice Recorder

The Olympus WS-882 delivers essential features in a compact design, perfect for everyday use. With 4GB of internal storage, it provides ample space for recordings in both linear PCM and MP3 formats.

The recorder comes equipped with built-in stereo microphones and USB connectivity, making it ideal for recording lectures, meetings, and personal notes. Though it lacks some of the advanced features of the WS-883, its functionality suits professionals and students who require reliable recording capabilities without the need for extensive audio customisation.

Both models are plug and play compatible with Windows and Mac (Intel and Apple Silicon), ensuring easy management of recordings. Whether for professional or personal use, Olympus offers tailored solutions to meet your audio recording needs.

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