OM System RS-31N RS-28N pedals compared to Olympus RS-31H RS-28H and software compatability

OM System RS-31N - Olympus RS-31H - RS-28N RS-28H What the?

With the Olympus Audio name change to OM System now we are seeing OM System branded products replacing the Olympus branded products. In with this mix are the transcription typing foot pedals. So what does the H and N mean? What OM branded pedals work with what software? What is the difference between the 31 and 28 pedals.

New OM System RS-31N RS-28N Transcription Typing Foot Pedal Australia ODMS R8 ODMS Cloud

Olympus H transcription pedal vs OM System N pedals

  • Olympus pedals released in the last few years end in H - RS-31H & RS-28H
  • OM System pedals released March 2024 end in N - RS-31N & RS-28N

Essentially they are exactly the same pedal, the difference comes with the compatibility with the old Olympus ODMS software and new OM System ODMS R8 Transcription Module and ODMS Cloud using the ODMS Cloud Desktop app for Windows and macOS.

OM System Transcription Typing Pedals RS-31N RS-28N vs Olympus RS-31H RS-28H

Note re the above:

  • ODMS Cloud & ODMS R8 = OM System brand
  • ODMS R7 and below = legacy Olympus audio brand

Which transcription typing pedals work with what software?

OM System pedals (RS-31N and RS-28N) will not work with any Olympus software, so ODMS R7 Transcription Module (TM), R6, DSS Player Pro R5 or DSS Player Plus for Mac. 

OM System pedals can be used with ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM) and ODMS Cloud. 

Olympus RS-31H & RS-28H pedals will work with OM System ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM) and also ODMS Cloud Desktop app for Windows and macOS.

Note: the ODMS Cloud Desktop app for typists is the only way to play audio shared to the ODMS Cloud by the OM System Dictation App or from compatible digital dictaphones. For transcription with the ODMS Desktop app you must have a pedal, hot keys are not available.

Olympus ODMS R7 Transcription Module (TM) & Dictation Module (DM) were discontinued March 2024 and replaced by OM System ODMS R8. Upgrades are available from ODMS R7 Transcription Module (TM) to ODMS R8 which is part AS-R804. Full ODMS R8 Transcription Module (TM) licences are also available and are part AS-R802.

Note we have not mentioned the RS-27H or RS-27N pedals as they are not sold in Australia.

What is the difference between the RS-31 models and RS-28 models?

The number of pedals. RS-31N/H have four configurable pedals, the RS-28N/H have only three. The pedals are solidly built and will last for years.

For reference click here for the complete Olympus & OM System hardware and software compatibility

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