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ODMS Cloud Starter Bundle - DS-9100 Dictaphone + AS-9100 Transcription Kit

ODMS Cloud Starter Bundle - DS-9100 Dictaphone + AS-9100 Transcription Kit

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OM DS-9100 Professional Digital Dictaphone with ODMS Cloud (Model)

ODMS Cloud: OM System Pro Dictation & Transcription Bundle


Experience unparalleled transcription efficiency with the OM System DS-9100 dictation author and AS-9100 transcriptionist bundle. This powerful combination includes the DS-9100 professional digital dictaphone and the AS-9100 Transcription Kit, designed to streamline your dictation and transcription workflows via the ODMS Cloud.

Ideal for professionals in medical, legal, and business fields, this bundle offers advanced features, robust functionality, and seamless integration for enhanced productivity.

Key Features

OM System DS-9100 Digital Voice Recorder:

  • ODMS Cloud Software: Includes a 12-month subscription to the ODMS Cloud software for seamless audio file upload and synchronisation across devices.
  • Dock Flexibility: Available with a docking station or without. Choose without if you are upgrading from an Olympus DS-9000/DS-9500 or DS-7000 as your current dock can be used with the DS-9100.
  • High-Quality Recording: Dual microphone technology for clear, high-fidelity audio recordings.
  • Large Storage Capacity: 2GB internal memory expandable via microSD card, allowing for extensive recording sessions.
  • Long Battery Life: Rechargeable battery providing up to 30 hours of recording time.
  • Security: 256-bit AES encryption to protect sensitive information.
  • Versatile Formats: Records in DSS, DS2, and WAV formats for compatibility with various transcription workflows.

OM System AS-9100 Transcription Kit:

  • ODMS Cloud Software: Includes a 12-month subscription to the ODMS Cloud software for seamless audio file upload, transcription, and synchronisation across devices.
  • 4-Pedal Footswitch (RS-31N): Hands-free control of playback with customisable pedal assignments for efficient transcription.
  • Professional Headphones (E103): Lightweight and comfortable design with optimised frequency response for accurate audio playback.
  • Comprehensive Playback Features: Speed control, noise cancellation, and volume adjustment for precise transcription.
  • Secure Online Storage: Ensures data security and easy access to files from any location.


The DS-9100 dictation dictaphone captures high-quality single speaker dictation as well as audio in various environments, making it perfect for recording meetings, interviews, and lectures. The AS-9100 transcription kit provides transcriptionists with a hands-free solution to transcribe audio files accurately and efficiently. The ODMS Cloud software enhances collaboration between authors and transcriptionists, ensuring smooth workflow and secure file management while accomodating hybrid work.

Use Cases

  • Medical Professionals: Record patient notes and consultations with the DS-9100 and transcribe them with the AS-9100 for accurate medical documentation.
  • Legal Practitioners: Capture court proceedings and client meetings with the DS-9100, then transcribe them using the AS-9100 for reliable legal records.
  • Business Executives: Record meetings, interviews, and presentations with the DS-9100, and use the AS-9100 to transcribe these recordings for detailed business reports.

Technical Specifications

OM System DS-9100 Digital Voice Recorder:

  • Recording Format: DSS, DS2, WAV
  • Memory: 2GB internal, expandable via microSD
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours
  • Display: LCD
  • Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 110g

OM System AS-9100 Transcription Kit:

  • Software: ODMS Cloud (12-month subscription)
  • Footswitch: RS-31N, 4-pedal
  • Headphones: E103, 3.5mm plug
  • Audio Formats Supported: DS2, DSS, WAV, MP3
  • Playback Control: Speed control, noise cancellation, volume adjustment

Purchase the OM System DS-9100 & AS-9100 Transcription Bundle today and transform your dictation and transcription processes with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance.

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